Free access to Call of Duty this weekend from November 18



Ever since Call of Duty: Vanguard’s release on November 5, 2021, gamers have been shooting their way through the new multiplayer maps set in World War II. Since it’s still new and the price is heft, many have been hesitant to buy the new COD title.

Well, Activision has decided to provide free access to certain multiplayer maps and modes in Vanguard this weekend. Let’s take a look at what’s in store for those that decide to join the mayhem.

Free access to Call of Duty this weekend from November 18

Shipment returns….again

One way to get fans to buy a new game in the series is with the return of a classic. Shipment was available in COD: WWII, Black Ops 4, and again in Modern Warfare and Black Ops: Cold War. We’ve enjoyed watching it change with the times and holiday themes, maintaining that small battlespace that’s made it so popular.

Of course, it does have a slight facelift. The containers have improved visuals, and there will be items to remind you that you’re in WWII settings. The action will remain the same, though, as you fight it out for top scores…and die a million times while trying.

So what’s different this time? Well, past versions of Shipment had you running along the ground only. Playing as a sniper was only possible from behind jeeps and fallen objects, which weren’t all that helpful. 

In Call of Duty Vanguard’s free access this weekend, there will be open containers higher up that you can access. It gives you the opportunity to take aim from higher positions for an advantage. Of course, everyone will be expecting you there, so be ready for some grenades.

Free access to Call of Duty this weekend from November 18

COD: Vanguard Free Access for Multiplayer this weekend

We’re bound to see plenty of mayhem this weekend with many players joining the warfront. Shipment will let you test all of Vanguard’s new weapons, which include the latest shotguns, assault rifles, snipers, tacticals, melee weapons, and launchers. As usual, we expect gamers to go to town with lethal equipment when they become frustrated at dying so many times.

The free access for Vanguard is from November 18 – 22, 2021. You’ll have the chance to level up weapons and use new operators, plus there are new playlists for you to enjoy. With Verdansk finally vanishing, it’s all in anticipation for Warzone: Pacific, where we’ll be able to see these new items in action. 

Are you ready?

While there are plenty of veterans already playing COD: Vanguard, some noobs may be intimidated to try the free access. We encourage you to give it a shot if first-person shooting is your element, as there’s bound to be loads of fun. We may even see a drop in price for Black Friday.

We’re also expecting to see a rise in activity on COD: Mobile and other titles in the franchise. If you’re new to the series, here are some guides to look at:

Free access to Call of Duty this weekend from November 18

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